A journey towards flavors, colours, sounds, destinations, interviews, events, art and inquisitiveness...all Italian!


Deruta: ceramic art and majolica

We are in the Umbria region and there on the chine of the evergreen hills we descry the city of […]

Treasure outside the city walls!

Here we are again in Rome, for a fair reason, since one can eternally talk, remember and wander its endless […]

Mimosa on woman’s day!

Its name derives from the Latin word mimus (mime, actor) because it seems to move representing in  a way conscious […]

There is no love sincerer than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw


Authentic Osteria in Thessaloniki(2nd part)!

Their philosophy Should I summarize my impression of the Fioi in a phrase, I’d say that they are obsessed, really […]

Authentic Osteria in Thessaloniki(1st part)!

Sometimes you feel wrapped up in hospitality and familiarity without a particular reason. Then you get to know each other […]

Savory sins.

Today, for yet another time, we find ourselves in the kitchen. It’s where we eat and cook, but not only! […]

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Pablo Picasso


Discourse on the Italian architecture with Raul Nieto

Today we travel faraway. We’ll go to the city of Mexico to coast with Raul over the architectural marvels of […]

The street music

It was just a while ago that I saw by chance on Facebook two friends that played music in the […]

“November Prayer”, Irene Gianeselli

Irene Gianeselli, Preghiera di novembre «Is a man his name? And if nobody pronounces it, will he still exist?» Irene […]
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If I should define myself in a conventional manner I would say that I am a lawyer and an Italian translator. I've studied Law and Italian Language and Literature. But this doesn't really help when you want to meet someone, does it? So I will tell you that I write poems (some published), I believe in fairytales, I like learning, respecting (and being respected), hearing music, dancing, singing, cooking (mostly sweets), travelling, reading (horror novels in the summer), and mostly being a mom! Obviously I have also bad sides, but for now I should make a good impression :)!

If you want follow me to a never-ending journey towards flavors, colours, sounds, destinations, interviews, events, art and trivia ...all Italian but also translated in Greek and English! This enterprise is aimed at travelers, lovers of the Italian art and culture or food or just curious ones!