Deruta: ceramic art and majolica

We are in the Umbria region and there on the chine of the evergreen hills we descry the city of […]

Treasure outside the city walls!

Here we are again in Rome, for a fair reason, since one can eternally talk, remember and wander its endless […]

Mimosa on woman’s day!

Its name derives from the Latin word mimus (mime, actor) because it seems to move representing in  a way conscious […]

Correspondence with a truffle hunter (part 2)

Dear Vittoria, I’m really glad to read what you have written, I believe you have completely understood the spirit of […]

Correspondence with a truffle hunter (part 1)

Dear Massimo, I’m reading with enthusiasm your site and I feel a strong desire to immerse in your world, that […]

White week and sports on the Alps!

The “white week” is very popular in Italy for the practice of winter sports and it is defined this way […]

The staircase of the Borgia family in Rome.

Once upon a time, there was a picture I published on Facebook that you liked a lot. It was the […]

Italian New Year’s Eve! The hows and the whys.

New year’s eve…there is something magical in this passage, don’t you agree? An overview of the past year, a redrafting […]

Shall we go to Sicily? Experiential and organic tour!

What can I say to make a small introduction?! Just that this is a tour that I’ve planned for myself, […]